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The 'earth serpent' is a vast network of serpentine currents that circulate the earth as electro-magnetic lines.


In Greek mythology, it is said that Gaia, the earth, distributed her wisdom through her subterranean veins to carry and embody her energy and knowledge.  From the  Greek word khthonios, comes the term chthonic  meaning  of the earth or subterranean. 

In ancient times, certain sacred sites formed a network of portals to maintain a living connection with the Chthonic powers. Spiritual relationality between humans and their environment was practiced in these oracular sanctuaries.

SuperOrganism is a space/practice I offer in various settings to engage with gnostic knowledge of cyclic transformation and an enhanced sensorial connection with the natural environment. 

What happens when we let the serpentine energy resurface and reclaim its potent energy? Reclaiming our serpentine life forces and getting to know the electromagnetic currents of the earth opens us up to the gnostic knowledge of cyclic transformation, increasing our sensory vocabulary and helps us re-inhabit the territory. It opens us up to an eco-systemic awareness. 



  • People who want to engage with different systems of knowledge to develop artistic / ecological practices for mending the rift we have created, as modern human beings, between ourselves and nature.

  • People who want to fine tune their sensory relationship with their surroundings and hone the skills to reveal these sensitivities through their artwork; 

  • People who want to develop/fine tune a creative practice that will make space to ask ecologically generative questions and create the space to listen to the answers. 

'The Flowing pattern of geomagnetic energy is the psychic circulation systems of the earth's body.'       Robert Lawlor

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