The earth speaks in a language we can all learn to recognize and understand with the faculties of sensing, feeling and intuiting. These faculties have a distinct vocabulary that is poetic and symbolic, and often comes through in images, dreams, gestures, sound and myth.


Perceptions of the subtle layers of a place are best conveyed through the metaphor and emotion that these natural phenomena evoke.


It is a language that our natural senses speak fluently, and we would be wise to remember that we are part of the earth's ongoing conversation, taking part in her multiple forms of expression.


'Beneath and beyond' the topographical landscape there's

a wide range of dowse-able earth energies, accessible to the faculties of inner perception. In my various offerings, I invite you to join me in immersing ourselves in the sensual experience of nature, as a basis for a personal inquiry into creative forms of expression relating to the 'mind of nature'. Over the years I have worked with artists, storytellers, dreamers, teachers and conservationists among many others, and together we have practiced the perception of the subtle aspects of Place, lending our voice to different landscapes as part of an evolving ecological awareness. 





Participating in the world's imagination. 

Experiencing the infinite intimacy within the natural world.

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