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Gnosis of the Land


03-07 November 2016 

Gnosis of the Land explores the earth energies in and around the desiccated wetland area of Laguna de la Janda, an area of outstanding natural beauty in Southern Andalucia, Spain. We invite people to connect with ceremonial experiences ancient peoples had on this land, using shamanic and geomantic techniques to access their knowledge and wisdom and to connect to the history, mystery and esoteric knowledge, deeply embedded in this land.


Geomantic studies of the area show us that the Laguna de la

Janda was once part of a larger earth temple complex. Rivers, springs, salt marshes, and the extensive aquifer system of Vejer / Barbate, are part of this sacred landscape. Memory from ancient primordial forces live on in the waters and is active in the relationship between the Ocean Salt water and the fresh water.  If we look “with our eyes closed” we may well catch a glimpse of priestesses still active in the landscape, singing enchanting songs as guardians of place. This is a most magical place for a group to step ‘outside space and time’ collectively and connect to the deep mysteries of Creation, primordial waters, cosmic intelligence, and the sacred sexuality of Gaia, Mother Earth.  


Shamans have always understood that Nature is the visible face of

Spirit, that shamanic work is about opening portals between the eternal

realm of the sacred and the earthbound world of everyday reality, that

material reality is maintained and revitalised in close cooperation with

beings and processes in other realms. This will be our fourth year together here on the land and we are honouring our promise to the spirits of the land to continue to forge bonds of reciprocation between us and earth consciousness.


We are actively looking for people to bring unique skills and talents to this area so all of us together can map ancient mysteries held in the landscape. It is through reviving this ancient wisdom that we can consciously join the earth’s living systems in the paradigm shift, that is so needed, to different level of global consciousness. This is the paradigm of sacred wholeness and healing of the separation that has now existed for centuries between human beings and the land they live on. If you feel called to be here, we would love to hear from you!


Participation is by application. Please contact us to receive more info.

Karmit and Imelda


The drained wetland area of Laguna de la Janda is bordered to the East by the Alcolnocales Natural Park mountain range, extending all the way to Serannia de Ronda, and to the West by Vejer de la Frontera and the Barbate salt marshes. It is situated a few kilometres inland from the Strait of Gibraltar, where two oceans and two continents meet (Africa and Europe) and where migrating birds rest on their epic migration journeys North and South. All around this site we find rock paintings 

depicting fertility rites that inspired ceremonies that kept the land, animal and human population healthy and in sacred balance. 


Here is a film made by Imelda Almqvist inspired by our work in la Janda over the last two years. 


Here is a link to further information about the laguna. 


3rd - 7th November 2016

Tuition Fees

Gift economy - responsible contribution



Participants will make their own sleeping arrangements in Vejer de la Frontera (advice avalabile upon request) and will be picked up and dropped off each day for the work.    


Participation by Application

Imelda Almqvist is a Dutch shamanic painter, practitioner and teacher based in London, UK. She teaches courses in Making Sacred Art and Shamanism internationally. Sacred Art is art inspired by “other worlds”, it makes visible ‘invisible words’, it reflects the spirit world. Sacred Art honours beings and powers greater than ourselves and reveals the heart of Divine mystery that animates the cosmos and dreams our world into being. Read more...


Karmit EvenZur helps people who want to deepen their connection to the earth, define a new relationship to their environment, resuming a new stewardship towards the landscape and recognising it's Sacredness. She facilitates seminars in holistic connection to the land, where together as a group participants explore tools of perception into the subtle realms of the land... Read more...


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