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From the cycles of tides to the sinusoidal flow of a river, from the diurnal beat of light and dark to the annual input of the seasons, the Earth Speaks to us in rhythms and patterns that entice us into a relationship with our environment.  Soil types, minerals, native plants and animals, all in their own unique way, contribute to the weaving of a sense of place. By cultivating an awareness of these sensual queues, we come into sacred communication with the creative forces that make up the places we inhabit. Participation in this ever flowing flux is a creative act, that asks us to slow down, pay attention, listen and respond. 

With a background in modern geomancy and European shamanism, I became interested in how we shape, and at the same time, are shaped by the places we inhabit. This reciprocal relationship is enhanced when we entertain the idea that we are an integral part of the world's Soul, the Anima Mundi, and that culture is intimately connected to the land it arises from. I give my gratitude to the people and cultures who have been keeping this knowledge alive despite the far reaching sharp claws of white colonial modernity. 

I come from Moroccan, Yemení and German jewish roots. I'm especially close to my Moroccan ancestry. Living in Southern Spain, across the strait of Gibraltar from the North African Western tip, I regularly cross the waters that my ancestors did. I find intimate memory in the streets of Meknes and Sefrou, and with people of the desert.  


I am initiated into European shamanic practices and like the honeybee I gather nectar from flowers. This spiritual substance and social warmth are the foundations for the way I understand and practice the oral tradition. It is a basis for my ongoing enquiry into earth energy work and storytelling.

Together with a host of colleagues and companions I collaborate on projects to create spaces and contexts where we can, as a group, explore the edges of what we collectively know. I invite you to join me in an inquiry into creative forms of expression relating to the 'mind of nature' where we can generate new narratives that combine ancient, nature based thinking with contemporary forms and needs. 

I am a faculty member and offer courses at the School of Storytelling at Emerson College in the South East of England where traditional folk tales, wonder tales and myths meet autobiographical material and new narratives are created.  

Co- founder of BeeTime Artist Residencies in the South of Spain.