Karmit EvenZur.png

In my life I have been acquiring alchemical maps to navigate mystery, lessons in how to attune my 'little ears' to hear untold stories, ​ and shamanic knowledge to administer spiritual nectars for soul wounds. 

My work history spans diverse experiences, interests and competences from the healing arts, and the arts & crafts world. I draw my knowledge from geomancy (earth energy work), European shamanism and deep ecology. My skill-set provides a deep perspective for transformational work, and in working with soul searching questions. Over the years I have worked with artists, storytellers, dreamers, teachers and conservationists among many others, and together we have practiced how to perceive the subtle aspects of place, lending our voice to different landscapes as part of an evolving ecological awareness. 

Together with a host of colleagues and companions I collaborate on projects to create spaces and contexts where we can, as a group, explore the edges of what we collectively know. I invite you to join me in an inquiry into creative forms of expression relating to the 'mind of nature' where we can generate new narratives that combine ancient, nature based thinking with contemporary forms and needs. 

I am a faculty member and offer courses at the School of Storytelling at Emerson College in the South East of England where traditional folk tales, wonder tales and myths meet autobiographical material and new narratives are created. 

I also facilitate journeys to sacred sites and places of traditional cultural interest, exploring the earth energies of the land and local craft practices. 

I currently offer 1-on-1 healing sessions as well as mentoring sessions online as well as in person.