Journeys to explore earth energies and traditional cultures of various lands. 

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Earth Speaks Journeys

An online course on nature based thinking, re-inhabitation, geomantic reading of the landscape and more...

Dreaming out Loud 

One on one mentoring sessions for creatives working with Place / ecology related projects.


Shamans have always understood that nature is the visible face of spirit, that shamanic work is about opening portals between the eternal realm of the sacred and the earthbound world of everyday reality, that material reality is maintained and revitalised in close cooperation with beings and processes in other realms. Perceptions of these subtle layers of a place are best conveyed through the metaphor and emotion that these natural phenomena evoke. It is a language that our natural senses speak fluently, and we would be wise to remember that we are part of the earth's ongoing conversation, taking part in her multiple forms of expression. When we look 'with our eyes closed', 'stepping outside space and time’ we may well catch a glimpse of archetypal stories active in the landscape.

Cultivating this kind of attention, will help draw into our own thinking the wisdom, trust and cooperation that exist in the natural world. I invite you to join me in the place related courses and journeys I offer.



With a background in modern geomancy and shamanism,  I became interested in how we shape, and how we are shaped by the places we inhabit. This reciprocal relationship is further enhanced when we entertain the idea that we play a part in the world's Soul, the Anima Mundi, and that culture is intimately connected to the land it arises from.

From the cycles of tides to the sinusoidal flow of a river, from the diurnal beat of light and dark to the annual input of the seasons, the Earth Speaks to us in rhythms and patterns that entice us into a relationship with our environment.  Soil types, minerals, native plants and animals, all in their own unique way, contribute to the weaving of a sense of place. By cultivating an awareness of these sensual queues, we come into sacred communication with the creative forces that make up the places we inhabit. Participation in this ever flowing flux is a creative act, that asks us to slow down, pay attention, listen and respond.