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Residential Dates

*please note dates 

have been postponed to:

30 Aug - 17 Sept 2021


Emerson College

Forest Row,

East Sussex, UK



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Storytelling Beyond Words Creative Lab, like the

SBW 13-week storytelling training from which it has

developed, is committed to training and creatively

supporting those who wish to become imagineurs

imagination entrepreneurs, contemporary storytellers

who dedicate their work to serve the living Earth,

nature, and humanity in meeting with courage and

imagination the challenges of these epic times we

have been born into.


This programme is open for 8 experienced storytellers

who are working on a specific storytelling project that

is clear in concept and objectives and requires the

time, space and supportive feedback to manifest it.

The programme will take place remotely over a year

with a three week residential component, in which we will work together to create an

environment in which participants can set the pace and focus for their creative work, while receiving input and coaching sessions from the mentors, tailored to their unique needs. This will happen in sessions with the whole group, in small groups and in one on one work. During the three weeks we will enter a creative process through active imagination and storytelling exercises, meditative and reflective practices to deepen your vision, and for those who need it, specific guidance in areas such as performance skills, group facilitation, creating social exercises and games, as well as guided marketing and publicity strategy with a business coach. The three week program will be followed up with presentations in public spaces relevant to each particular project's theme. 

Our aim is to create a framework to support the development of storytellers careers, guiding the development of socially engaged applied storytelling. To develop this we are applying for public funding and will be exploring various opportunities for collaboration with art organisations.

If you would like to be considered for the the next dates for this program please get in touch with 


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