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‘We are all the eyes and ears of the Earth; and we think the world’s thoughts.’ Lyall Watson biologist / anthropologist

A good friend of mine was a nature conservationist for most of his working career. When he speaks about his work, it is always in scientific jargon, measurable and quantifiable. But when I press him with questions, he lets out a secret known to very few, that his love for nature holds within it a rich soul experience that is very difficult to articulate. And when I press even further he begins to tell tales of encounters with birds, plants and forests that leave his listeners spellbound and resonate something that we all know and yearn for; an intimate connection with nature that occurs on those rare moments when she opens up to us, revealing more than meets the eye about Herself…

An intimate relationship with the landscape indeed reveals a wealth of encounters that seek to be expressed. In this context it is wise to consider our senses, feelings and intuition as parameters for understanding nature, as a complement to the measuring, quantifying, assessing, that we are used to in the scientific world. This is what geomancy is about. Allowing our sensorial self to open and receive impressions so we can perceive the subtle as well as the physical aspects of a place. Siberian shamans call it ‘listening with our little ears’.

In this work we offer the possibility to explore a heart based observational approach, which enables us to experience in a simple and down to earth way the subtle layers of the land and it’s ‘conscious’ aspects. I find it very rewarding to assist people who are new to this work to awaken to their innate ability to hear, sense and respond to the elements in nature and thus enter into a deeper communication with the land itself. I am greatly curious about the interface between people and land. About the conversation that occurs between the creative forces in the land and our human will. Nature, especially in these times of social transitions, can inspire us to new ways of thinking about ourselves and the world.

Recently while working with a group on Cape trafalgar in the South of Spain, we witnessed the waves of the Atlantic Ocean meeting the currents coming from the Mediterranean. On the surface of the water this meeting was very visible and as we focused our attention on it a few of us felt that this encounter had a story to tell and that the story had to be heard for the healing to take place. Similarly, while working with two rivers that used to feed an extended wetland area in Andalusia, we ‘listened’ to the sources of these two rivers and allowed our voice, touched by the fire of Spirit, speak of the essence and life they had in them. By simply witnessing, listening and speaking these stories, a great deal of healing to the energetic and emotional landscape occurs. Touched by the magic imbued in the natural landscapes, we can speak up, inspire a new vision. It is the gift of the Artist to capture the spirit of the moment and to inspire. To act as a mediator of the Sacred.

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