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M'zora Stone circle

Mzora Stone circle in Northern Morrocco is a well kept secret. The monolith consists of 176 megalithic standing stones that form an ellipse of 59 meters by 56. In the center there is a mound six meters high and the highest of the menhirs measures more than five meters.

Mentioned in notebooks of travelers from the late nineteenth century, the sacred site had undergone several excavations in the hope of discovering the mysteries of these stones which according to legend is the burial place of the giant Anteus

Over the last 8 years, during the Autumn equinox, a group of artists gets together within the circle to share a time of mutual creation. The site has potent energy and evokes a sense of unity, which makes the meeting of Spanish, Morroccan and Northern European artists, become a creative meeting of hearts.

The site is aligned with the stones in Carnac and Stonehenge, and in fact feels very connected to the European continent.

Mapping earth energies between Mzora and S.Spain with Charley Case, 2014

Salt of the Earth 2015

Outman Akjeje

Back to the Sea 2015

Stefan Bohnenberger

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