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conversations with nature

Felt artwork by Karmit Even Zur, exhibited this month in Conil de la Frontera. For more information about individual pieces or hosting the exhibition contact

'Life forces, abundant in their creativity, flow through our bodies, connecting us to all that is living around us.

I practice making a personal and cohesive relationship with the earth I stand on, and the great ocean that laps up to the shore. I stop and listen to the rocks that stand still, humming a silent song, to the trees that teach me something about who I am and didn’t quite remember. I get to know all of these as a continuum of my own body, and enter into a dialogue with them. I feel my way into a non-verbal way of communicating with the elements and remember my real mother tongue by observing relationships and patterns in nature. They point at processes, interactions and attractions between every part of the web of life, and this includes me in it. When I slow down, when I stop and listen, I have perceptual access to the complexity, the networks, and patterns of organisation inherent in living systems, and the intelligence that arises from them. When I slow down and listen, I re-establish sensory connections with my environment and have some wonderful conversations within nature.'

Karmit EvenZur, September 2016

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