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Bird Suit

handmade felt / 2014

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Bird suit was made for a birdman who lived in a house on a hill near the Strait of Gibraltar and spent his days watching the passage of thousands of migrating birds through his binoculars every Spring and Autumn.


I watched him watch the birds, and in my mind I could see their extensive flight lines silently relating messages across the landmasses that we, the civilized, work so hard to separate.  


I put on the bird suit and claimed it as a ceremonial garment, ritualizing the energetic trails birds make on their migration flights across the continents. 


Connecting to flight lines in the sky and magnetic lines in the earth,  across artificial borders, across nation states. Celebrating free movement.  












Bird suit took part in various ceremonies and events in Southern Spain and Northern Morocco since 2014 (M'zora Caravan) often making the journey back and forth across the Strait of Gibraltar, just like the migrating birds.


It was exhibited in Musee L (Louvain-la-Neuve) @BienvenUE in 2018, and worn in MAVIE, a film written by Boysenfin / realised by Sin É Angulo, depicting a poetic journey from the Sahara desert to the shores of the Strait, again and again arriving to an impenetrable sea. 



Handmade felt with merino,

jacob and gotland wool

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