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I offer one on one sessions that are grounded in:

My ongoing creative enquiry into the interface between mythological narratives and the landscape

Modern geomancy / earth energy work,

 Shamanic practices rooted in European esoteric traditions,

These practices build on the premise that the world draws us into a relationship with itself through the act of imagination. It is in this process that we can remember the sprawling web of connections that makes up our personal identity and holds us accountable to our ancestral, political and racial legacies. 

I bring this knowledge to the projects and work I do with individuals or within a wide variety of creative or educational organisations. 


​Personalised mentoring sessions offering support and structure for artists, storytellers and creative activists.​


We can delve into the realms of earth's energies and the interplay of elemental forces in the context of your ongoing project, we can look at  your creative methodology and routine. We can enquire together.  ​


I have ample experience in facilitating embodied, subtle listening to what wants to emerge through people's work, helping birth a wide variety of artistic projects and have been regularly mentoring storytellers on their projects at the School of Storytelling at Emerson College as well as mentoring visiting artists working with Art and Ecology  in Bee Time Artist Residencies. ​​


Who is it for?

  • Artists, working in any medium, developing art and nature/ecology/ eco-mythological  related projects.

  • Anyone working on a place related project, who wants to get insights into deeper layers of stories related to a particular landscape.

  • Landscape practitioners who want to explore the earth energies in a place they are developing a project in.

  • Storytellers and other creatives who want to connect in an embodied way to the themes they are working with.   ​​​​​​​​​​​​​



I am a seer and weaver of Chthonic and Stellar knowledge, adept at identifying 'undigested' memories, blocks or distortions in the energy field that have become integrated into the sustaining structure of the personality, and in creating a compassionate space for the unravelling/reckoning/integrating psychosomatic process to unfold.


I have studied and practiced various energy healing modalities for over 20 years and am accredited by the self regulatory body UK Healers. ​


Work with me in person or via online sessions.

For individuals or small groups to:


Restore fluidity of energy in the body

​      Address physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances​

Engender a feeling of trust and belonging in the the world​

      Take accountability of our blind spots and unconscious harm making

​Understand our healing process as an integral part of the earth's metabolic system​​


Contact me for detailed information

M. -  Participant on the Strait of Gibraltar journey

Exploring the visible landscape in the places we travelled to, and complementing it with experience and recognition of the subtle dimension (vital-energy, emotional, spiritual dimension), this journey has become a form of initiation, healing, expansion of consciousness about myself and about the landscape through which we traveled.


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