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How we might work together...

The work I do is grounded in modern geomancy (earth energy work),  shamanic practices rooted in European traditions and my ongoing creative enquiry into eco-mythology. 

My practice builds on the premise that the world draws us into a relationship with itself through the act of imagination. It is in this process that we can remember the sprawling web of connections that makes up our personal identity and holds us accountable to our ancestral, political and racial legacies. 

I bring this knowledge to the projects, courses, and services I offer:

medicina elixir3_edited.jpg

M. -  Participant on the Strait of Gibraltar journey

"Exploring the visible landscape in the places we travelled to, and complementing it with experience and recognition of the subtle dimension (vital-energy, emotional, spiritual dimension), this journey has become a form of initiation, healing, expansion of consciousness about myself and about the landscape through which we traveled. "


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