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Geomancy, the art of Earth divination, explores the earth's vital energy systems.

Every landscape has an 'identity', a consciousness made up of its features and elemental life, and a story to tell. Geomancy, as an art and a science, is the field that studies the phenomena of earth energies.

Geomancers read the subtle aspects of a landscape and interpret the 'stories' held by the earth's topographical and energetic features. Like shamans, they understand  nature to be the visible face of spirit, that this work is about opening portals between the eternal realm of the sacred and the earthbound world of everyday reality, and that material reality is maintained and revitalised in close cooperation with beings and processes in other realms. Perceptions of these subtle layers of a place are best conveyed through the metaphor and emotion that these natural phenomena evoke. It is a language that our natural senses speak fluently, and we would be wise to remember that we are part of the earth's ongoing conversation, taking part in her multiple forms of expression. When we look 'with our eyes closed', 'stepping outside space and time’ we may well catch a glimpse of archetypal stories active in the landscape. This is no new technology, it is akin to traditional ecological knowledge held in sacred trust by indigenous societies, carried through by oral traditions. 

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