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Geomancy, as an art and a science, is the field that studies the phenomena of earth energies.  A holistic knowledge of the land, that encompasses both the physical and the energetic, is essential for finding ways of working with Land and Place that is harmonious and respectful to all life forms.

the history and development of the Earth Mysteries field as well as the contemporary context and applications of modern geomancy. We will pay attention to the language used by indigenous earth cultures, as well as modern geomancers to describe the cognitive framework of these themes.                                                                                                                                                     Through direct experience and theoretical knowledge we will explore and categorize different types of dowsable earth energies. Students will learn dowsing techniques as well as use tools of inner perceptions to find, explore and assess the health of  a range of geomantic phenomena, such as telluric currents in the landscape, geomagnetic grids, underground water streams, power centers, spirals, vortices and more. We will also learn how to restore the balance of a system through earth acupuncture and consider other ways of healing within the etheric and astral fields of a Place. 

When we 'speak' with Nature we speak through our body, our senses and our heart. From a centered sense of  'I Am ', we open ourselves to a communication that precedes formulated words. It is the language of energy movement which can be translated into images and in turn, can be translated into concepts that our rational mind can grasp and work with. This calls for a vocabulary that bridges the gap between the rational and intuitive minds. A language that allows us to name and describe perceptions of elemental consciousness.


In this module we become familiar with our energy body, and bring our attention to the flow of information we are continuously receiving from the environment.  Fine tuning our senses to allow the body to become a better tool for inner perception via direct encounter with different energetic states, we thus develop our capacity to 'Speak' non verbally.

Students will engage in  practices that will enable the body to experience, the mind to understand, and the voice to express.