Geomancy, the art of Earth divination, explores the earth's vital energy systems. Every landscape has an 'identity', a consciousness made up of its features and elemental life, and a story to tell. Geomancy, as an art and a science, is the field that studies the phenomena of earth energies.

Geomancers are people, who in their everyday work use their perceptions of earth energies to bring about healing and balance to the land they are working with. This is similar to an acupuncturist working with a person's meridian system, a healer or homeopath working with the energy systems of a person's health.  Geomancers read the subtle aspects of a landscape and interpret the 'stories' held by the earth's topographical and energetic features.

The earth speaks in a language we can all learn to recognise and understand with the faculties of sensing, feeling and intuiting. These faculties have a distinct vocabulary that is poetic and symbolic, and often reveals itself in dreams, images and myth.