The earth speaks in a language we can all learn to recognise and understand with the faculties of sensing, feeling and intuiting. These faculties have a distinct vocabulary that is poetic and symbolic, and often comes through in images, dreams, gestures, sound and myth. 

Stories are image sequences which often, like in a dream, contain an internal logic that is nonverbal and nonlinear, but reveals the interconnections between elements of a system. Stories invite us to shift our gaze beyond habitual perspectives and encounter the world looking through many eyes, human and non human. 

Mythology has been handed down to us from a time when natural phenomena inspired images and personification, a time when cultures co-evolved intimately with their habitat, and the stories that were told from one generation to the next were stories that were 'overheard' in the patterns and rhythms of an ensouled world. Folk tales, wonder tales, even biographical stories, are maps of inner and cultural landscapes. 

Throughout the ages, traditional storytellers have fostered social cohesion by bringing people together through live encounters, and were able to address a wide variety of social issues through metaphor and imagination. As Contemporary storytellers we hold this carrying stream and aim to play a role in revitalising community life.


Together with my colleagues from the School of Storytelling at Emerson College, we have been developing our approach to change-making and mytho-poetic activism using storytelling through various courses and programmes.


There are several ways to explore creative activisms with me / click on the links to learn more :

Storytelling Beyond Words - an intergenerational, residential, three month immersion course initiating people to work with the Oral Tradition and the art and craft of storytelling, based at Emerson College, UK. Co-facilitated with Roi Gal Or and a host of School of Storytelling teachers. 

SBW Creative Lab - A three week storytelling residency for professional storytellers who want to develop a creative body of work, which engages in and addresses specific social/ environmental issues. Based at Emerson College this is a dedicated time for reflection, research, mentoring,  and receiving guidance in performance and production. 

Personal mentoring - online one on one sessions where storytellers, artists and creative activists working with any medium can engage with me and receive mentoring to unlock stories, explore their work in relation to place and creative placemaking. Book a free 15 minute session to talk your ideas over and explore how we can work together.