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An ongoing enquiry into sacred dressmaking & site specific engagement 


            "The shaman's costume itself discloses not only a sacred presence but                                   also cosmic symbols and metaphysic itineraries. Properly studied,                                         it reveals the system of shamanism as clearly as do shamanic                                                 myths and techniques."

                                                                                                      Mircea Eliade















Shamanic costumes are a way of making visible that which is intangible, a way of drawing in the spirits into making sanctuary with us. The shamanic costume becomes a 'contact zone', a space for 'corporalising' spirit; a space where we can offer our own body as a sacred location for a momentary communion with the 'no-bodies'.


My ongoing practice and enquiry is in making handmade felt and textile ceremonial costumes. I'm interested in exploring how I can make visible certain forces in nature, so that through community engagement and dance we can come into closer relationship with invisible aspects of the land. 

These costumes enfold the person wearing them and unfold a relationship with a non human energy field. I make them as objects which belong to a community that seeks to expand their kinship ties to their environment. These are experiments in an ancient shamanic technology. 

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