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I am a seer and weaver of Chthonic and Stellar knowledge, adept at identifying 'undigested' memories, blocks or distortions in the energy field that have become integrated into the sustaining structure of the personality, and in creating a compassionate space for the unravelling/reckoning/integrating psychosomatic process to unfold.  I have studied and practiced various energy healing modalities for over 20 years and am accredited by the self regulatory body UK Healers

Work with me in person in East Sussex or via online sessions. For individuals or small groups to -

Restore fluidity of energy in the body

Address physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances

Engender a feeling of trust and belonging in the the world

Take accountability of our blind spots and unconscious harm making

Understand our healing process as an integral part of the earth's metabolic system

Contact me for detailed information. 

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