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Restoring fluidity of energy in the body,  engendering a feeling of trust and belonging in the the world. 

Karmit (MNFSH) is gifted in identifying 'undigested' memories, blocks or distortions in the energy field that have become integrated into the sustaining structure of the personality, and in creating a safe space for the healing to unfold.  She has studied and practiced various energy healing modalities for over 20 years. She is accredited by the self regulatory body UK Healers. Her work is deeply nurtured and informed by a gynocentric European shamanic tradition that works with the honeybee and the serpent as its central motifs and living glyphs.  She is a seer and weaver of Chthonic and Stellar knowledge.

Get in touch to receive more information and session guidelines, or to book a free 30 minute session if you wish to discuss the process and your needs. 


Karmit trabaja en sus sesiones con la energía sutil,  desarticulando bloqueos internos que restan paz y

calma interior, ayudando a reconstruir nuestras

capas más profundas y a tejer nuevos tapices de emociones más limpias.

Marta A. / Food Consultant 

The healing experience with Karmit is profound and mystical and at the same time subtle, gentle and soulfully caring. Her solid and down to earth experience is boundless and her tools are of many sources.  She has gently touched on ancient wounds and tapped into my longing for spirit by re-weaving what felt like emptiness with fresh threads of ancestral love, bee wisdom and acuity. Karmit is a blessing on my quest to discover, understand and embrace my own wholeness.                                                                 

Nika S. / writer, director of M.R retreat centre  

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