Spiritual healing seeks to bring movement to the places which have become stagnant over the course of our lives; accessing the roots of pain, unravelling 'knots', letting go of ties that bind. Healing can be likened to an alchemical process through which we can 'mine' that which has been buried, denied and unloved in our life's story, be it unprocessed emotions, trauma, or ancestral burdens. Acknowledging and accepting what is there, leads to the possibility to release the energy associated with the belief or thought pattern. Whatever the cause of our suffering, the desired outcome of the healing process is to restore a natural flow of energy in the body, and arrive at a feeling of trust and belonging in the the world. 

Karmit Even Zur (MNFSH) is gifted in identifying 'undigested' memories, blocks or distortions in the energy field that have become integrated into the sustaining structure of the personality, and in creating a safe space for the healing to unfold.  She has studied and practiced various energy healing modalities for over 20 years. She is accredited by the self regulatory body UK Healers. Her work is deeply nurtured and informed by ta gynocentric European shamanic tradition that works with the honeybee and the serpent as its central motifs and living glyphs.  She is a seer and weaver of Chthonic and Stellar knowledge.

Healing sessions take place in person in the South of Spain or online via zoom.

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You are welcome to book a free 15 minute session if you wish to discuss the process and your needs.