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Tuition Fees

£190 or £170 Early bird




East Sussex, UK.

The Living Pulse 

Dates to be confirmed 

From the cycles of tides to the sinusoidal flow of a river, from the diurnal beat of light and dark to the annual input of the seasons, the Earth Speaks to us in rhythms and patterns that influence our behaviour. By fostering an awareness to environmental rhythms and patterns, we come into sacred communication with the creative forces of life. Participation in this ever flowing flux is a creative act, that requires being awake in our senses and our will forces.


In this module we will tap into Nature’s movement, pulse and beat. We will explore cyclical consciousness, a consciousness that perceives Time as cyclical rather than linear progression, to come into harmony with the flow of Life itself. We will work with shapes, forms and patterns; repetitive and rhythmical, to expand our sensitivity to the intelligent living systems of Nature. This module will have an emphasis on expressing and marking these patterns that connect all life forms. Participants will be required to begin a creative diary/calendar marking their relationship to a chosen aspect in nature which they will be able to continue to explore over the months following the course.


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