Personalised mentoring sessions offering support and structure for artists, storytellers and creative activists.

These sessions offer a dedicated time and space for embodied, subtle listening to what wants to emerge through your work. Together we will explore your creative process and practice, as well as pay attention to earth energies / elemental forces in relation to your project. 


  • Artists, working in any medium, developing art and nature/ecology  related projects. 

  • Anyone working on a place related project, who wants to get insights into deeper layers of stories related to a particular landscape.

  • Landscape practitioners who want to explore the earth energies in a place they are developing a project in.

  • Storytellers and other creatives who want to connect in an embodied way to the themes they are working with.  

  • Storytellers who need assistance in developing a community based performance. 


In the past years I have regularly mentored storytellers in their projects at the School of Storytelling at Emerson College as well as created programmes and mentored visiting artists working on Art and Ecology projects in Bee Time Artist Residencies. Lengthier testimonials available upon request. 


What can you expect from a session ?

Sessions vary a great deal depending on your project and your needs. We will initially set up an initial free 30 minute conversation to discuss what you are doing and how I may help you.

In a session I would typically attune energetically to you and to the place you are working with to look for any information that may be helpful on your creative quest. Together we will attend to implicit information, hidden from view, working with the body and the felt sense as a gateway to subtle perception that may inform your work.

Sessions will be accompanied by ‘prescribed’ creative tasks, in a way that helps you harness creative forces in the realm of the mythic imagination, as well as to help you find a structure and accountability for your process. 


Please contact me to arrange a free 30 minute chat where we can discuss your needs. Please state your name, and your time zone for ease of session time coordination. 

If you have any questions concerning any of the above please don’t hesitate to ask.


I can describe Karmit’s mentoring in many ways and the image of generosity that comes to mind is spiralling, buzzing swarm that carry on the message intrinsic to the healthy and abundant hive! Karmit’s support was super empowering and generative, she is able to tap into a source of eternal nectar available to all of us. She draws out all that is dormant and wants to come out and flourish! I’m extremely grateful for having an opportunity to experience Karmit’s guidance and its effects on my creative practice are invaluable!

Sabina Salis / Artist

 I shared with Karmit my experiences concerning a long term research I had instigated in the old city. I was aware of my connection to this place and Karmit helped me recognise different aspects involved that often remained unseen or just partly understood. I gained valuable insights into my art practise in general, and the different steps of the process in particular.

To be able to articulate, discuss, and deepen our sensitivities and awareness, is an amazing opportunity. A learning process I cherish and wish to continue in future projects to come.

Heidi V. / Artist