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Personalised mentoring sessions offering support and structure for artists, storytellers and creative activists.

We can delve into the realms of earth's energies and the interplay of elemental forces in the context of your ongoing project, we can look at  your creative methodology and routine. We can enquire together.  

I have ample experience in facilitating embodied, subtle listening to what wants to emerge through people's work, helping birth a wide variety of artistic projects and have been regularly mentoring storytellers on their projects at the School of Storytelling at Emerson College as well as mentoring visiting artists working with Art and Ecology  in Bee Time Artist Residencies. 


  • Artists, working in any medium, developing art and nature/ecology/ eco-mythological  related projects. 

  • Anyone working on a place related project, who wants to get insights into deeper layers of stories related to a particular landscape.

  • Landscape practitioners who want to explore the earth energies in a place they are developing a project in.

  • Storytellers and other creatives who want to connect in an embodied way to the themes they are working with.  




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