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Tierra Virgen was performed at Festival Natura in October 2022, during which many artists from all over Spain came together to launch and celebrate the 'rebirthing' of Laguna de la Janda; a large scale rehabilitation project of a part of the desiccated  laguna. 

Tierra Virgen invited participants to dream with the vital forces of our watershed.  

Invoking the three rivers that once fed the water basin before it was dried up, we conjured a psychomagic act, a collective improvisation, sensingthinking together to generate a tangible sacred presence of the laguna.  


The mist extended over us as we named and braided into song the multiplural polyphony of the landscape, connecting with the surface expression of water and with the underground magnetic serpentine energy of this landscape temple. 

The mist thickened around us as we inCORPorated the laguna, witnessing her unadulterated, pure state; her effervescent virginity. 

Tierra Virgen

Handmade felt / Ritual performance

Karmit Even Zur, Marta Cruz, Africa Martinez Ferrin

Festival Natura, Barbate 2022​

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