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Avalonia Re-membered 

Art based research




















Avalonia developed as a volcanic arc on the northern margin of Gondwana between 730 and 570 million years ago.  It eventually broke off, becoming a drifting microcontinent in the paleozoic era. 

As the continental plates moved across the earth’s surface over millions of years, Avalonia connected to, and fragmented from other land masses within this ever slow shuffling, as continents formed and re-formed, making space for new oceans to grow and shrink and grow again. 


Geological remains of the Avalonian microcontinent can now be found in England and Wales, In the Ardennes of Belgium, in the South Western edge of the Iberian peninsula and in Northern Morrocco, in Southeast Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Northern coastal Maine, Rhode Island and other coastal regions of New England.


This project is planned to take place in various locations where geologic remains of Avalonia have been found and include various walks and workshops, inviting a collaboration between artists, geologists, cultural geographers, shamanic practitioners, and geomancers to contemplate the possibility of common threads that may live on in the various continents, countries and cultural locations where Avalonian rocks can be found. We will seek to access a space between the cultural and geologic registers of these places, to imagine and re-member Avalonia, calling on the deep past to help us process a mythical way of thinking about places and their memory

 Get in touch if you want to know more or be involved in this project in some way. 



                Among the great coastal rocks, a silent sermon remembers how the seas advanced and receded, how volcanoes brought to light the deepest secret  of the earth, how water and wind shaped the landscape, carrying its seeds  and stories to other faraway places. 

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