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Praxis Mundi​

A collaborative psycho-magical act of metaphoric

redistribution of power along the 0º Meridian

Jane Glenzinska  

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Exploring the liminal spaces where Earth meets Sky, East meets West, the mundane meets the sacred and where the land crumbles into the sea, Praxis Mundi is the emerging story of a box of Selenite crystals collected at Longitude 0.04 on the South coast of England and sent southwards along the Greenwich Meridian (0 degree longitude).  


Praxis Mundi is a conceptual and collaborative work that hopes to become a collection of on-line texts, imagery and sound, as the journey of the box is traced, and the energy of the selenite is concentrated and dissipated along the meridian, its synapses and networks, as it is received by different people in different countries. 


This project hopes to creatively enrich what we know about the 0º meridian line with stories collected as the box travels along its path, which we hope will reach the crossing with the Equator, in the vicinity of Ghana, as an offering and historical reparation.

     Jane Glenzinska

Emilio Gallego


"Stones are partners with which we build the epistemological structures that may topple upon us. They are ancient allies in knowledge making.

...The philsopher Michel Serres argues that stone is the foundation of story at every archeological layer of human history..."

Jeremy Jerome Cohen / Stone

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