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strait of gibraltar




The Strait of Gibraltar, with its natural boundaries, political frontiers, pathways, thresholds, and gateways, is the channel of water that connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean,  between the African and European continents. It is a vital thoroughfare for marine and bird migration, maritime trade, travel and trafficking. A symbolic gateway between two continents and two seas.

As a bioregion, the Strait of Gibraltar area encompasses not only the waterway itself but also the surrounding land areas and coastal zones of southern Spain, northern Morocco, and the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. This residency will take place on the Iberian peninsula side of the Strait (a residency in south side of the Strait is planned for 2025-2026), and will seek to explore the natural history of the area; exploring its ecosystems and watersheds.

Engaging with questions about pathways and borders between nation states, we will explore the issue from the perspectives of natural ecosystems.




Challenging ourselves to look beyond anthropocentric values, we will offer sessions guided by local ornithologists, geologists and conservationists to learn about local flora, fauna, migration movements of birds, marine species, tectonic plates and the cultural history of the area to inspire artists to fabricate/ideate/curate artistic projects that foster collaborations according to regional biogeographical patterns.


This open call invites artists to submit initial project proposals with an interest in exploring ecological thinking to broaden the concept of personal/cultural/political identity to a bioregional ecological identity.

Open to artists from all disciplines, curators and researchers from a Eu member state (not residing in Spain) *.

* If you are an artist wishing to apply from outside a EU member state, we currently cannot offer you funding but please write to us so we can consider how we might be able to assist you in seeking alternative funding. 

Applications will be reviewed competitively by a selection panel of Colectivo la Espiral artists and curators to select 4 participants. Please read selection criteria in the full residency dossier

Applications deadline  1st May 2024 (23:59 CET)

Artist selection to be announced by May 20th

Residency dates  4th November / 4th December - 2024 (participants are asked to commit to the whole term).

What we provide The residency offers accommodation, local transport, program sessions, between 350€- 700€ for travel expenses and 750€ for any other expenses for the month of the residency.
Support will be given to selected artists in applying for further grants to supplement artist fees and production expenses.

Residency location near Tarifa, Southern Spain. 

To apply please fill the following application form



Colectivo La Espiral Arte y Cultura Contemporánea has been holding a series of transcultural meetings of artists since 2009 in Northern Morocco and in Spain (primarily in Morocco; M'zora, Larache, Tetuan and Spain; Valencia) as well as curating exhibitions in France and in Belgium. Artists have been exploring the reality and implications of migration between the African and European continent across the Strait of Gibraltar, promoting social integration, incorporating debates and workshops with school children and youth to facilitate accessibility and exchange, as well as bringing socially engaged art to grassroots communities, often created in situ.

As a continuation of this work, La Espiral proposes a series of artist residencies, orienting our gaze towards local ecosystems and their historical and eco-mythological narratives to foster collaborations on a bioregional scale in Strait of Gibraltar, expanding and building on our current body of work.

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