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El Khader & the Green Fuse

A story is told in the Sufi tradition about Musa, the prophet Moses, who was told by God "At the confluence of two seas there is a servant from among my servants who is more learned than you. He can be found by those who seek him, at the crack between two worlds, between two bodies of water, between the now and the future. To find him, you must take a fish with you on your journey and you will find him in the place where you will lose the fish.” Moses set out on a journey to the west and when he reached the stretch of water between Africa and Europe he came to a big rock where El Khader was sitting at the water’s edge.

El Khader is revered by both Hindus and Muslims. He dwells in the place where two oceans confluence, where two planes of existence meet. As a result, he remains elusive to many but reveals himself to seekers or those who, in their humble efforts, chance upon a bend in the road where he unexpectedly appears. Known as the green man,  he embodies a state of viriditas, the innate life force propelling nature. 

El Khader and the Green Fuse is a performative lecture/story about the tutelary spirit Khader as well as the Strait of Gibraltar as I have encountered them both through my geomantic work over the past decade.  After the sharing of the story I open a space to contemplate the work with images received in shamanic and geomantic work as a form of expression of the subtle layers of the land. We look together at the story’s encoded metaphors through the lens of eco-mythology to explore ways of thinking and being in the world.

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